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  1. mrpoopy butthole

    can man for life

  2. Mr. Awesome

    Kinda bugs me how Rhett says you can taste the alluminum but theres a thin plastic layer between the can and the liquid

  3. Jake Wiles

    As a Coca-Cola service tech, I loved this video. You guys rock. Hit me up with any further questions. Cheers!

  4. BongRipsandStockTips

    Can. Hands down

  5. Antonio Gudknecht

    Cmon leek


    Most don’t really change too much to me but Dr Pepper from a fountain is disgusting to me and Dr Pepper is my favorite soda

  7. heyitstaryn

    mcdonald’s sprite beats rverything

  8. Coupe420

    100% glass bottle fan! It has actual cane sugar! No syrup!

  9. Carmelo C

    McDonald's has the best coca cola for sure

  10. Melina Reimold

    12:16 Rhett missed an awesome opportunity to say "Bean Sweep"

  11. Sunrise2076

    Damn. Second round I feel Link was getting there but rhett was so confident and swayed him too early. Maybe they should have done it where they kept their opinions private while testing so not to influence.

  12. Nathan Riggle

    i hath a cold irl :( but your videos make me so happy and feel better

  13. Tim McCarthy

    Get that Dad and little girl on the show!

  14. Tom Zim

    Link got alittle to excited around sprite

  15. Evening Enigma

    What kind of psychopath clicks on this video while eating?? Me.

  16. Manda

    Glad cans made it! Theyre also 100% recycleable 😁😁

  17. James Exotic

    No one claimed it so I'm first

  18. H A

    Can is always best

  19. Nuke'm Duke'm Gaming

    this comment is for Rhett there's actually a plastic sleeve inside the can

  20. Raging Games

    Glass bottle From mexico

  21. Joy- LoRuth

    Good mythical morning! Are carbonated beverages called “soda” or “pop”? Let’s talk about that!

  22. Ethan Clark

    Can-men rise up!

  23. cwanberry

    been watching you guys for years ugh i love your videos 💕💕🦭 i’ll never get over you guys

  24. Blaze

    Never seen them so serious

  25. Chris Semar

    Soda, can is best.. beer, bottle is best

  26. Isaiah Clark

    Hit the like if you’re also from Connecticut.

  27. Charles Walton

    I prefer the canned or bottled.

  28. jordan sparks

    Is it me or does V look fine asf?👀🤯😍🔥

  29. NightWalker757

    I get sweet tea for McDonald’s sooooo

  30. Holly Berry

    The sprite bit is my favorite running joke in this show. I don't why but it just gets me every time 😆

  31. Scott Morgan

    Boiled for safety and chilled for fancy!

  32. nerfherder1986

    Link producing Sprite cans from thin air is the most underrated running joke on GMM. Change my mind

  33. boots

    I'm a simple man, I see some nice cans I click

    1. neoshajoynes


  34. Sy Aj

    Can all the way

  35. TheDarkCloudNC

    Can is always the best

  36. bmore jkno9

    Soda bottle definitely better then can and that's facts

  37. Chris Laabs

    Lol link saying boiled for safety again

  38. Stephanie Kim

    They should see which fast food restaurants have the best soda fountain sodas

  39. citystars1117

    Rhett - "I don't know it's either plastic or can." The only.....two choices left plastic and can lol

    1. neoshajoynes


  40. Gamer MakerPlayz

    Craziest times ever

  41. Jeremy Murphy

    *clicks on video and sees 666 comments* "Better put in my 2 cents."

  42. Bella A.

    my location of Mcdonalds uses plastic

  43. Jael H. Velez

    Always been a Can-man myself

  44. floyd2386

    I wonder if they ordered the fountain drinks without ice, because if they didn't, they did McDonald's fountain drinks a great disservice.

  45. Bri V

    Where’s y’all get those drinking glasses???? I love them!!!!

  46. Ben Havens

    I prefer fountain sodas but it definitely depends on the place because some places have way superior mixes or whatever

  47. Borg

    I’m from NJ and I also call it a fountain but that might just be because I’m from NJ

  48. D Wall

    Your fanta in america is so much brighter in colour!! The UK & europe is much ligher. Must be all the chemicals that are pumped into your food snd drink

  49. Debra VB

    I love that "palm heal strike" is just a normal work phrase at GMM 😂

  50. Thomas Schwahn

    Putting them all in cups eliminates the purpose of this experiment

  51. Brian Bedard

    I think it is the ice in a soda fountain that makes the difference. Most people just drink straight from the bottle or can, but it is the ice in fountains that cause the soda to be more fizzy as the CO2 interacts with the ice.

  52. Jessica McGraw

    Fountain Sprite can never be trusted.

  53. n i h a d

    rhett during the whole video:😎 link duringthe whole video: 🤨

  54. Wilhelm Derp

    Now do one with alcohol, no way cans win again

  55. Johnnie Walker

    Cans are highly underrated. Can poured into glass is the superior drinking method

  56. RiPPER

    4:49 lol Rhett there is a plastic film inside the aluminum can for the soul reason so you wont taste metal, useless info but true

  57. Mia Dove

    I have an Idea, you good blind fold or something and try to taste to see if it’s Mountain Dew, sprite, 7 up, and maybe more

  58. bird with a hat

    1. Glass Bottle, for the novelty 2. Plastic Bottle, contains more soda + portability 3. Can, fizzy and easy. 4. Soda fountain, good for eating and has more soda. All the options are good, but they are all better for certain reasons.

  59. realEarthly

    I don’t think calling it a fountain is a southern thing, is it? I’m from Northern VA & we don’t have too much southern influence here. It’s pretty much the edge of the south.

  60. Richard King

    Why fountain drinks taste better is because of the ice to make it colder that’s why when I get a can drink I get a cup of ice fill it up with ice and pour the cold can drink in it best way to do it

  61. Chelsea Barrios

    Who knew organizing soda would be so entertaining

  62. Hospital Creations

    We’re going to wear respirators........ 2020...... yessssssss

  63. Will Crowe

    You had the chance to say soda fountain simps but you missed it

  64. Vancouver ViKinG

    Glass, Can ,fountain, plastic ✌

  65. A Dog

    “Petition” GMMorning should do will it Pozole. Vote. 👇

  66. Campusanis

    They could be men with cen!

  67. Charles Yaryan

    Link doesn't realize just how much he lets Rhett influence his choices lol . I can see Link change his mind just cause what Rhett says lol

  68. Michael Z

    3 commercials in 7 minutes?!? wtf

  69. roquestral

    i like fountain drinks for all the reasons rhett doesn’t lol

  70. BruhAnt

    pam pamm pappaapaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam

  71. Patrick Doss

    Fanta soda was invented in Germany as a way to replace Cocoa-Cola because they weren't allowed to use the syrup. Fanta was their alternative

  72. August TAO

    Anyone else think that Iliza was Courtney Miller at first?

  73. Bonnie Bohannon

    I usually get fountain from my gas station bc any size is $.79 but yes the taste is not the same

  74. Shawn Hoover

    I'm with you guys. I'm a can man too.

  75. Colby Brochu

    Can was always the best

  76. Cameron Johnson

    Right when he came sneezed a can of sprite.. I actually sneezed and threw my phone. Thanks a lot Link 😂

  77. derderp

    TuKola was the best cola i have ever tasted, but sadly it doesn't seem like there is any.

  78. Mr Magmo

    629th commentt

  79. MrFaktenFaktenFakten

    Why does American Fanta look so radioactive 😂

  80. Tech Lives Matter

    Topo Chico is pretty Damn, been drinking that stuff for years