Frozen vs. Fast vs. Fancy Food Taste Test

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    Today, we're trying the frozen, fast food, and fancy versions of seafood side by side and seeing how expensive our tastes are. GMM #1885
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    Published on Month ago


    1. Anna Owens


    2. Hope Damaris

      for some reason i simply could not comprehend the title and it took like 3 minutes to read

    3. Formulka

      Link is consistently around $50

    4. ASK2286

      it's Sally

    5. Andrea Strode

      Why is no one talking about the "dad breathing" comment Link made about Rhett?! I'm dying hahaha

    6. Mista McMuffin

      pacific ocean lobsters are disgusting. go to new england

    7. get in

      Could you, WOULD you bring back a taste of LoRHETTA and LinkETTA??? I still have them bookmarked and watch them and howl every now and then. I thought it was one of your most hilarious skits to date.

    8. FOX MOTH

      make sure that ain't bunghole!!!!

    9. Daniel Blue

      Sally sells seashells

    10. Kenny Kwong

      All these look terribly cooked

    11. 8MSquared


    12. Marvin The Malevolent Monitor Lizard

      The "she" in "She Sells Seashells by The Seashore" refers to Mary Anning, one of the founding figures of paleontology. Look her up, it's interesting.

    13. Vahan Vardanyan

      84 dollars damn I’m going to red lobster lol

    14. Vahan Vardanyan

      More we need more try Armenian food

    15. Nick Niehaus

      I can tell Rhett has better sea legs than link

    16. Sparklebrightkitty

      Man that salmon is so over cooked. Yuck

    17. Elian Martinez

      i watch these guys nonstop for like a week then completely ignore them for months till they pop up on my recommendations again

    18. Max Bell

      nah, you cant do this with seafood. lobster for example, cant be reheated. the second it cools down and is reheated, its turning to rubber. which is exactly what they experienced. same with salmon to some degree.

    19. chris Lovett

      Fish frozen and not unfrozen until you eat is 100% better

    20. Tesla TC

      For 48 bucks that piece of salmon was sad looking

    21. Freddy Fazzbear


    22. Kourey Parrott

      I love Neptune's net.

    23. anna1emily

      Calamari is squid

    24. Eishi Kross

      ALL THE SALMON IS OVERCOOKED!!! - Gordon Ramsay

    25. Frank Armilio

      They could've gotten lobster tails for the whole crew for what it would've cost for one person to get lobster at arroyo chop house

    26. Lucinda Mobley

      They should do an episode of this with sushi next.

    27. Pygmy Horde

      Aaaand if you ever wondered why link wasnt allowed sharp objects... this.

    28. EvanTheB3AST

      "This is the butter from the actual place" it was from walmart

    29. John Blackbird

      Calamari has no flavor. It's about freshness and the batter. Simple as that.

    30. ahh

      I hope rhett and link become vegan one day

    31. amaizing

      $48 for that piece of salmon???

    32. Benadryl Curdlesnoot

      Lobster REALLY doesn't hold up well over time so I feel like that final judgement was inherently flawed

    33. ImRuthlessRed

      I ordered lobster from red lobster and it looked like the first one

    34. Ashli Geran

      Solid a.... ROCK LOBSTER

    35. A Little Slice Of Rye

      I love you guys !!!!!

    36. Trenchiano

      You guys should have Geoff Castellucci on the show. He's a pretty well known bass singer and a really awesome guy. I'd love to see him goofing around with y'all and doing something ridiculous on the show!

    37. Niklas Hall

      Seafood shoud never be 'fast food'

    38. David Campos

      The second lobster was a spiney lobster the other three where Maine lobsters

    39. randall dorman

      considering that fast food fish is..... frozen....

    40. Ohh! MG

      Leggy parts are the best! Again, Link doesn't like food, so why does he taste test?

    41. Donz Milky

      "Fine dining" near you guys has clam chowder on the menu for 9 bucks? I got a crispy chicken sandwich at McDonald's for 9 bucks a few days ago, no fries or drink.

    42. Kait Gomez

      Sally sells sea shells buy the sea shore.

    43. Reece McAra

      Fun fact: The she in the she sells sea shells is actually a famous English palaeontologist called Mary Anning

    44. Ender Hayes

      Any other Massholes feel attacked when Link SUPER enunciated the -er in clam chowder?

    45. Hariom Talreja

      The fancy pants dance in round 1 was unnecessary, not saying that it's good, but they danced on choosing the frozen one

    46. R gameplays

      For all those who don't know the she and she sells seashells by the seashore is a woman known as Mary Anning she was the first woman paleontologist to ever discover the icthyosuarus

    47. Imagine Wagons

      $48 for a burnt piece of salmon. Dude.

    48. Ben Allan

      Bubba Gump is a real place?!

    49. shaun smith

      Been to Bubba Gump once and was not impressed.

    50. Albert Baldry

      Sally sells sea shell, by the sea shore.

    51. Teddy Nguyen


    52. Sam Farley

      Lobster should not have Cajun flavor. Lobster should taste like lobster. Also, you can't compare caribbean lobster with Maine lobster.

    53. Champel Adams

      First time watching love it

    54. Zedabyte

      I was waiting for Rhett to chime in that 'Celery Forward' was one of his highschool nicknames.

    55. Yerp YT

      how are they that squirming about a octopus

    56. danial_wan

      God.. they even dance like my dad.. ahaha


      "AHHHH ITS ALIVE" Make me dying😂😂😂

    58. Tim Miller

      Oh my God this is sick.

    59. Emily H

      The best clam chowder I’ve ever had was from the Sailloft in Boston MA I highly recommend to go there if you ever visit

    60. liya wilson

      0:15 i thought it was sally sells sea shells by the sea shore???

    61. Brain FM - Music for Relaxation and Stress Relief

      Hey, how are you? Great video, thank you for sharing. Have an awesome day!

    62. dexter morgan

      brett burns is eating lobster

    63. Carlos Ramirez

      The nauseating engineering contemporaneously mourn because ceramic spectacularly rob inside a easy panty. kind, pretty kayak

    64. Grapes on a Vine

      U//W//U dogmestic abuse

      1. Grapes on a Vine


      2. Grapes on a Vine

        Come on shadow let's do this -Samuel Olmos

      3. Grapes on a Vine


    65. Joel Berlakovich

      Okay. I'm only referring to you guys as the Fancy Chowder Boys from now on.

    66. TechDad 0816

      It’s sad because all of that expensive seafood looked reheated, overcooked and rubbery. Not a very good comparison.

    67. bcvbb hyui

      does anyone else find themselves rooting for the frozen foods during these games?

    68. IEmeraldM

      What do yall do after your done recording? Do you eat it all or give it to people.

    69. J Hall

      This is sad, use to be such an awesome show. The vlogs are way better.

    70. Ashley Lesser Oral Communication

      Shrimp has never been good to you?? Sir you went on a tangent about eating their shrimp during the episode with Daniel Radcliffe

    71. Random Indian Dude

      Rhett and link won't last a second in France's fine dining restaurants.

      1. Random Indian Dude

        @bcvbb hyui ??

      2. bcvbb hyui

        sally sells sea shells by the sea shore :D never said she as a kid it was always Sally

    72. Amelia Sky.x

      “We don’t hide behind BREADING with our ✨Clameray✨ 🧐”

    73. Dan Maler

      Link takes the smallest bite possible of everything, where as Rhett actually enjoys his food.

    74. TylerwithaK

      @5:10 same, Link

    75. Andrew Martin

      Y’all need to get Gordon Ramsay on your show and do an episode like this!

      1. vbddfy euuyt

        FAKE! You can't buy a lobster in Cali for under a thousand dollars.

    76. Irrelevant reply :

      Everything looks good here bcuz I’m easy to impress

      1. vbddfy euuyt

        I applaude their producing team. Great job!

    77. boq597kul ;sid'neq

      The zonked single evidently play because paper consequentially program midst a makeshift stopwatch. purring, ultra ant

    78. Sandra Sears

      Link, bless your heart🤦🏼‍♀️, you are kind of special.

      1. ceerw buty

        lil dicky earth

    79. Dr Xbox Live

      I always thought it was Salley sells seashells down by the seashore

      1. ceerw buty

        It's too bad they aren't close enough to get Mo's clam chowder

    80. Abigail Loughran

      Love the calimari legs!

    81. ceerw buty

      watching link struggle for like 2 minutes every single time he was trying to get some lobster was the best this in the vid

    82. KingPickaxe124

      **throws overboard my himself**

    83. Sophie Jackson

      There’s nothing more sad (or fishy) than a supermarket, frozen lobster imported from Canada to Scotland. Charged me 11 pounds for it too and I couldn’t eat two bites. The fishiest thing I’ve ever tasted.

      1. ceerw buty

        Seafood does not reheat well, so I'm curious if that may have had an effect on the outcome of this experiment.

    84. ashley faith

      sally sells sea shells by the sea shore :D never said she as a kid it was always Sally

    85. Hannah Kirstine

      Once again, I watch a food-episode and immediately crave the food in question like crazy. Guess I'm having seafood tonight! :'D

    86. Zoe's Zoo

      Link always seems to forget that the concept of this is "naked" food; he's always wondering where the seasoning or the sauce is.

    87. trenton reeves

      The first is not actually salmon dispite it being marketed as such

    88. A R

      I applaude their producing team. Great job!

    89. Rusted Root

      FAKE! You can't buy a lobster in Cali for under a thousand dollars.

    90. drumboarder1

      Why wouldn't you cook the frozen stuff as soon as you got back with the take away?

    91. themarvelous_ misadventures


    92. asioe kiou

      Insomnia gang, ASSEMBLE!

    93. Geoy Baney

      It's too bad they aren't close enough to get Mo's clam chowder

    94. Autumn Marty

      lil dicky earth

    95. Autumn Marty

      fullerton informer

    96. JB_XYZ

      I like these series the most!

      1. asioe kiou

        Insomnia gang, ASSEMBLE!

    97. supertiagolas

      Man that salmon was so overcooked...

    98. vbddfy euuyt

      Seafood does not reheat well, so I'm curious if that may have had an effect on the outcome of this experiment.

    99. RadStone Rae

      ✨“You knew we were fancy chowder boys”✨ Rhett and link- 2021