Who Has More Bacteria? (Game)

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    In today's game, we're seeing if we can identify where the bacteria came from. GMM #1891
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    1. Doc Holiday

      Link: I’m assuming you have kids... Me, a 13 year-old boy: Yeah yeah yeah

    2. Gunwhale

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    3. Paulina Elinore

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    4. Katie Schuman

      I would have loved Kiwi Co when I was a kid

    5. anitatheama

      As a microbiology major I LOVE this episode!

    6. KaiaSaurus

      I think the Whopper had more because he swabbed the lettuce when he swabbed straight patty for Big Mac. Lettuce wasn't cooked so there would be more bacteria on it. That's my guess.

    7. Nichole Francis

      I’m not sure my 30 and 27 year old kids would like the kiwi lol

    8. Mel Flo

      I still do not know who is Rhett and who is Link?

    9. альфа Industry

      It's the "kind of" bacteria that's of greater importance...🤣

    10. SethTheTechWiz

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    11. Olivia Folbrick

      I have kiwi crates

      1. Olivia Folbrick

        They are super fun

    12. Dominique Nelson

      GMM-I’m assuming you have kids Me- 24yr with no kids and don’t want any lol

    13. Kathryn Kahn

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    14. 16-Bit Bernie

      I wish I had those little kiwi co things as a kid those are cool!

    15. Poppin' Loch Ness Hopster

      They're posting almost only food videos, and their non food videos get fewer views. They conform to the algorithm so the fewer views their non food videos get the more food videos we get. damn.

    16. Santiago Dardon

      That's not how you do it you divide the petri dish into 4 sectors and start in 1 going to 2 then 3 and 4 lowering the amount of bacteria in each sector

    17. deathlightdb

      Man, much as I want there to be more non-food episodes, this was kinda dull.

    18. Unholyspirit

      Video starts at 3:00

    19. Cyber Snow

      Whenever Link looks into the camera while Rhetts talking it makes me feel like I’m there with them

    20. Blah Blahsen

      youtube skipped about 10 seconds of this. So it started with Rhett abruptly saying "Squiiiir" and then intro music.

    21. Quantum Magnus

      Good thing I’m not eating right now.

    22. Brandon Schockelt

      I want a kiwi co ukulele! Thanks for liking commenting and subscribing

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      I started watching them when I was 13 and now im 22

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    25. rominator


    26. rominator


    27. Juliana Guimarães

      Me as a microbiologist watching this episode 🗣😍

    28. Ryan Posadas

      Locke is watching this video somewhere right now laughing hysterically

    29. Linda Downes

      They should have swabbed Rhett's and Link's faces.

    30. VrfuX

      3:11: intro where this bacteria come from Shows a virus

    31. Adam Maciaszek

      Has rhett and link's audience become mostly parents cause link said he assumed the viewer was

    32. Badaró

      I worked at McDonald's at some point, and we used to sanitize everything and wash everything with boiling water all the time.

    33. Jordan Plenzich

      This is very bad science! The swabbing between people and items is inconsistent and they were not done in a sterile environment. Also, those swabs looked like regular q-tips...so basically the bacteria came from the air, the swabs and literally everything else around LOL

    34. Martin Ovesen

      Will it deep fry part 2

    35. bird with a hat

      Ayyyy link and I have the same toothbrush lets goooooo

    36. Jocinda Rhinier

      Why do I catch up on these over my lunch break? I should know better by now.

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      Did anyone else know that Rhett and Link’s kids are Bill and Ted?

    38. LazyBumbleBee

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    40. fit mario

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    41. Aloe Vera

      the hoodie guys, Rhett is wearing, noice

    42. Cici

      As a lab tech I'm kinda hating their plating technique lol

    43. khaled aldoraee


    44. Little Gray Cells

      Honestly I don't know how I'd feel about being one of their kids lmaoo

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      I love when they do science type stuff

    46. Shocking Pikachu

      Video starts at 3:05

      1. S Dian

        they gotta pay the bills so you can keep watching for free!

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    48. Kaylee Montoya

      Why is no one talking about how Link said “Steam” instead of STEM😂

      1. Kaylee Montoya

        @Selfless Johnny Ohhhhhhhh okay, I didn’t realize art was in it. Thank you!

      2. Selfless Johnny

        Science technology engineering art & math. What he said was correct.

    49. Nichole Murray

      “To be clear, you lost” - Stevie 2021. I cannot even say how much I love the evolution of gmm

    50. Nichole Murray

      So so sooooo much gold from this episode

    51. WeirdAj

      I'm studying to be a lab technician and this is soo interesting to me 👀👌🏻

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      I hope I remember this crate when I have kids. It seems really cool! Someone like this comment in 7 years to remind me

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      Heyyy. I’m making my own bacteria in Agar 🧫!

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      Link's house is so fancy, heck!!

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      I think the answer to the Burger King being more diverse than McDonalds wasn't really about the patty at all -- It was swabbing the lettuce or not. BK's lettuce got a good swab.

    70. Antisimex

      Gotta remember also that not all bacteria is bad

    71. Melis Tansel

      Why do I always watch GMM at night? 🤣🤣

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      Me, with no kids at all, getting super pumped while they talk about KiwiCo XD

    73. Crazy Robots

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    74. Bustah2016

      Rhett do you sit on the can backwards??? That’s the front of the can. Do the back around where you wipe bet that’s got more bacteria than the front.

    75. Chelsea Hillam

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    77. Paige Kotecki

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    79. cancerking

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    80. Jean Vargas

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    81. Richmond Montebon

      Steam? We're adding Art to STEM? 🥺 This makes me so happy.

    82. Abrielle Anderson

      As someone who currently works at Burger King, use their patties are frozen and they cook for about 3 minutes in the broiler

    83. Kailey Rose

      Is their audience actually full of parents? Should I feel insecure for watching them since I was 15 and still watching them every day of my life as a 19 year old girl?

      1. vortex

        nah, as far as i can tell, there’s a pretty wide range of viewers from various walks of life. sure, some of them are parents, but there’s also a number of young folks and people who straight up don’t have kids. you’re good.

    84. Tara A

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    85. Scitty Cat Gat

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