Fancy Junk Food Taste Test

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    Today, we're eating fancified versions of junk food and seeing if we like them better than the original. GMM # 1908
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    Published on 14 days ago


    1. Ebenezer Sam

      The exultant wire osmotically deliver because drake endosonographically answer minus a defeated wrecker. unsuitable, well-groomed asterisk

    2. Lasagna Supreme

      Rhett eating the food before the transition even finished is a very Rhett thing to do

    3. Ebenezer Sam

      The woozy toenail formally watch because search comparably dust down a loutish product. wiggly, unadvised ophthalmologist

    4. A Bourret

      I dont like Cheezits because it tastes too salty and doesn't taste like real cheese. I rather slightly old cheddar cheese

    5. Begoña Fernández

      "Paieia" is Paella for all the Spanish speakers

    6. Pumpkin Seeds

      Rhett looks like forest gump

    7. Don’t Mind Me

      My favourite thing that link says is “i ated it”🤣

    8. BerryVR

      Gordon.R does this already, burgers are junk food, but he makes the fanciest you can get xD

    9. Erika Marsolais

      like who puts a thumbs down these guys are awesome

    10. Kotashea

      I love how Link is wayy pickier than Rhett 😂

    11. kyndal

      the fish smell was probably from the caviar LOL

    12. C Sandford

      Don't mess with my peanut butter and jelly Imma have to hurt somebody lol

    13. C Sandford

      I would have not eaten that caviar s*** yuck some nasty old fish eggs ew LOL

    14. Rman Nayr

      IT TASTES LEMONY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    15. Wingstar

      awww man now das sum cuntrey shiat

    16. Rylie Christiansen

      I can feel another youresoloud compilation forming watching this

    17. Olivia Folbrick

      I just had ravioli lol for lunch. ❤️🍜 (2/1/2021)

    18. TheCazinator

      Wait I thought liver was Rhett’s arch nemesis?

    19. adminprime

      No dink it and sink it? Woah.

    20. Logan Albaugh

      Rhett is Forest Gump He was running but now he’s tired and wants to go home

    21. Ares

      I eat liver's surprisingly good

    22. Jess Rose

      Rhett with a trucker hat somehow really brings his look together

    23. Faraaz Alarakhia

      Forrest Gump lookin ahh

    24. Musical Heart

      I think they should do one where they make super fancy dishes with simple ingredients!

    25. Ace Ventura Pet Detective

      You've been stroking your fish you say?

    26. Chris Bower

      Link just evolved from Daddy Garlic Fingers to Daddy Fish Fingers

    27. N1m H411iday

      Sleeveless link is sassy

    28. Curator

      I feel like they put on those hats and slowly became 1000% more southern through the whole video

    29. Random Nobody

      Speaking of liver... Livermush, anyone? Being from North Carolina, I'm sure Rhett and Link have heard of it.

    30. adam cosmi

      Lt. Dan lookin ass

    31. Sp1cyN0va

      I love when Rhet said Target like “Tarshey” cause I always say it like that

    32. PLW

      I thought they were going to make the same product just with more expensive products. Like more expensive peanut butter and jelly and bread

    33. Musiclover KeKe

      Maybe used some fancy almond butter instead .

    34. Matthew Hofer

      Link needs to tone it down. Like a lot

    35. jenniferrt1

      When josh told them to “focus on the fancy” Link reflected through his whole life

    36. Bricky Autumn

      They should have to eat it then guess what it is, then tell them how fancy it is.

    37. Ericka Cooper

      Why didn't they put the ravioli in a tomato sauce? Pate is good, but that looks like too much.

    38. Tyler Coons

      this is the most funny episode in awhile

    39. Seattle's Finest

      why is the average joe from the south in this varient

    40. MrTargenor

      im stroking my fishy fish!..... suuuureeee

    41. dragon slayer5000

      I watch every one of your videos every day and I know if there is no more to watch then you guys will post tommorow

    42. yasio bolo

      This is such a minor thing, but I really love that they’ve been inserting the throwback video clips into the episodes for reference! 🙂

    43. Slayer Dice

      Rhett reminds me Forest Gump at the end of his marathon

    44. xander rice

      how can you guys justify the cost of this stuff all the time. gotta be making butt loads on that merch

      1. yasio bolo

        Rhett: Talking about how the food actually tasted good Link: starts dry heaving the same food The most accurate description of the whole show

    45. Venom2238

      this have to be the best jokes in this episode.. is it vanilla you say ? :D

    46. MrJuakoHawk

      PA-EH-YA not PA-YE-YA

    47. unchartify

      Link looking strong!

    48. Rock girl

      Rhett: Talking about how the food actually tasted good Link: starts dry heaving the same food The most accurate description of the whole show

    49. ANYTHINGgoesFAST

      Am I the only one hearing someone’s stomach going crazy

    50. Xaniss

      I love paté, I'd eat that.

      1. Rock girl

        Oh Rhett you look like a clean version of an average Joe only because you take care of your beard and hairs hahah

    51. Cha-Tia Frazier

      "Focus on the fancy!" I need a shirt with that on it!

    52. Hailey Marie

      It was a good run guys 💕🙏🏾 thank you for so many years of entertainment

    53. Kailah Eichorst

      My daughter just loves watching you guys lol

    54. jacqui santos

      yo, those hats though....merch?!

    55. Pat Gencarelli

      Is Josh italian? His pronunciations were immaculate

    56. Amanda Purvis

      Could we get a version of this show- where you make the exact versions of that food but with expensive ingredients 🧐. Like I was looking forward to a choco taco made with some expensive ass Madagascar vanilla and bougie chocolate. Also/ is link still alive after all that gagging/coughing ?💀

    57. paulbnoble

      I wish link didn't donkey-lip every food. It's super gross.

    58. Ryan Graham

      Link is the most bland eater iv ever seen.

    59. Forever ChasingSky

      Fun fact (I guess): in Georgia we have a fast food place the servers fried liver and gizzard 🤢 with fries. Its popular too. ☠☠

    60. kolim jone

      Rhett: Talking about how the food actually tasted good Link: starts dry heaving the same food The most accurate description of the whole show

    61. apple bot

      focus on fancy shd be the motto for 2021

    62. Erich Bachman

      0:01 Today We Try Gore-Mei fewd...

      1. kolim jone

        A box of 10 uncrustables is $8? Wow california is expensive

    63. Nick Hyde

      I can never really picture something chocolate or Twinkie like being paired with saffron

    64. Mr.E

      Average rhett and link are very giggly

    65. Search

      Why is only Link aging?

    66. Insane Charlo

      Oh Rhett you look like a clean version of an average Joe only because you take care of your beard and hairs hahah

    67. Lillian Jackson

      livers and gizzards!!!

    68. Samantha

      I feel like they should have uses macadamia nut butter and a fancy fruit jam or something instead of caviar.

    69. Shelley Netzer-Edgerton

      I love Liver chicken livers are like Yum

    70. relser

      I didn’t realize that liver was considered “fancy”

    71. Mustafa Kilinc

      I've had saffron ice cream at a persian restaurant and it was absolutely amazing

    72. Davide Merlini

      Italian compliments to Josh’s pronunciation that, in most words, just sounded straight up GOOD

    73. Ethaniel Clyne

      So many American things I've never heard of

    74. Sanne G

      "I've been stroking my fish, before I came in to work today" - Link Neal 2021

    75. Howie Feltersnatch

      "Sometimes you have an accident and you're happy about it." is a great line

    76. nantwon

      Oh, it’s a Josh episode......... no thanks

    77. seiom jvony

      Rhett looks like he just stopped running one day and said "I'm pretty tired" "I think I'll go home now"

    78. Shaylarbo

      A box of 10 uncrustables is $8? Wow california is expensive

    79. Savannah Reimer

      I laughed so hard at this episode 😂 love these guys

    80. Turtleproof

      You can get your dignity and compassion for humanity for 0 cents by NEVER shopping at W*l-Mart.

      1. Turtleproof

        @seiom jvony Por que?

      2. seiom jvony

        Vanilla and fish taco, you say?

    81. mcallis2

      “Is that vanilla you say?” Can’t stop laughing

    82. Shayna Terrell

      It’s vAniLlA you say 😂😂

    83. lorelei fernandez

      10:58-11:09 will be the best moments of your life 😭❤️

    84. Kristin Watson

      Average Joe Rhett looks like my dad 20 years ago 😂😂💀

    85. Kut Kontgat

      good liver is delicious though

    86. Nero Metal

      Imagine being described as "not particularly attractive" on television, such sticks with you for life, and becomes hard to deny

    87. Sovereignwind

      How the heck does a hat make these guys look like they're in their 20's again?

    88. theflashman97

      I want a full course crustable Meal please, mythical kitchen

    89. Lauren Olszewski

      Taste test all the little Debbie cakes

    90. Dr Philosophous

      His Spanish gibberish was unbelievable. Cafaloblagalo

    91. Rohit Gupta

      Rhett looking like Ozzyman

    92. Shauka Hodan

      Anyone else really love the GMM moments where they just revert back to their good ol' southern boy roots? Almost like a glimpse into the past.

    93. Lyndsey Moore

      Rhett looks like Forrest Gump running in that hat 😂

    94. KM Co

      Vanilla and fish taco, you say?

      1. Shauka Hodan

        this feels like good classic gmm i love it

    95. Alter H.

      It's been this many years. Let Rhett be true to himself and his audience. I know the truth Rhett. You love liver. You don't have to keep living this double life.

    96. chris marsh

      I had my first choco taco at taco bell

    97. Sherea Johnson

      The caviar and jelly sandwiches made me gag... freaking gross man.

    98. Max Haibara

      Fancy Junk Food vs Junk Fancy Food

    99. EowynVala

      The back and forth in italian and "italian" between Josh and Link was hilarious. I love it

    100. Robb G

      I love Chico tacos