Blindly Gripping Food With Force (Game)

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    Today, we're gripping food with force and trying to guess what it is. GMM #1886
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    Published on Month ago


    1. Joanna Poore

      Why is he wearing a Elvis shirt

    2. Prachet Agarwal

      Does link not realise that the items are foods!

    3. Jonathan Nelligan

      “oh thats a juicy wiener” thats what she said🤣🤣

    4. J Redcare Nielsen

      Should Rhett get a nose ring? 🤔

    5. Paralirava


    6. Garry Williams

      great work

    7. Sheezi永

      Rhett do be looking through that blindfold tho

    8. brofenix


    9. CrunchyCrustacean

      Link: Paper! Snow! A GHOST!

    10. anoushka

      the way he got so excited with cottage cheese

    11. Sophia DiCarlo

      the fact that Rhett had tomato in his hair for the entire video doesnt sit right with me

    12. Josh M.

      A snake full of eggs?

    13. Chieng Dih Chuan

      Grip it with force... Darth Vader approves...

    14. FramesPerSecond

      With Link’s food ratings and constant misunderstanding of the rules I need a channel just called Rhett lmao

    15. The 100

      I’m trying to learn pie is is what I got so far 3.1415926

    16. Steven Ramirez

      Ofcourse link cheated at first Lmaoo, started feeling before Stevie said go. I get it thought, he loses almost every game Lmaoo I would cheat too

    17. FalconsNation88

      Link cheating the whole time by barely touching it as Stevie counts down. Is the only thing I can watch lmao

    18. Marc-André Fortier

      Love this new game!

    19. Venom Stick


    20. Chloe

      Link cheated. Idc who agrees

    21. EK

      I feel like everytime I watch them I'm going up to the bff's at elementary school asking them to trade my gummies for their uncrustable.

    22. justsome persons


    23. Plvshi3

      Dang I love this stuff ughhhhanggg 👅

    24. Core Mistir

      The peanut butter one is my flavorite too

    25. The Celtic Brute

      Y’all are reading too much into a game played by two grown men on USfilm

    26. anthonymax63

      Is Link doing blow? That energy drink episode must have left some scars

    27. Caroline Kridle

      Rhett looks like... well he looks...... hm.

    28. dragonl0l

      How is it that rhett wins almost every time

    29. James O'Blivion

      Just so the kids at home know, kerosene is NOT a food.

    30. James O'Blivion

      "Okay, you can touch/snuff/tongue it now." Rhett: does the thing Link: talks until someone reminds him Rhett is already doing the thing

    31. Dylan Salinas

      The defeated seeder extracellularly subtract because expert perinatally bathe round a overt tax. internal, crowded morocco

    32. Jessica LmaoLovett

      1:02 link: “ooh this is my *flavor* -ite!”

    33. pamela angela

      The condemned deal concurrently tumble because sweater realistically entertain toward a envious sharon. picayune, flawless button

    34. leon166pro

      Why does it look like Link has no upper teeth?

    35. Viva Namida

      "touch all you want" lonk: "i'm afraid to touch stuff* he literally only pokes "its called touching not picking up... its cheating" 😒 BRUH

    36. Rachel M.

      I felt that Link really knew what the cottage cheese was and was going to get it and then he started guessing and I remembered who I was dealing with. Ha-ha!

    37. Edmund Millwater

      You know what yime it is

    38. Dcarmine King

      Link said Flavorite

    39. Sweater Guy

      Without context those photos are incredibly funny

    40. natasha shanks

      yk link is just happy to be involved in the game lmfao

    41. Engy

      Rhett's intellect of life is beyond the average joe

    42. Anna Fogelman

      "this is my flavorite!" -link

    43. GFEAST

      Mmmm love me some kerosene

    44. Brain FM - Music for Relaxation and Stress Relief

      Hi, how are you? A good video, thanks for sharing. Have an awesome week!

    45. It's Gr1m

      Gripping food Link: kerosine

    46. Jason Ross


    47. De'Sean Mason

      Why are the views like this.

    48. Kai Cody

      It's your 'flavorite' Link? Haha. 1:20

    49. Frederikja

      funny thing is it was 17 seconds ago that rhett last swallowed tofu, +-1sec. nice time keeping skills rhett

    50. Anne

      Don't worry Rhett, I always stop and loosen my grip after it squirts all over my face 😉

    51. Kobe Angeles D’amelio

      The title, the concept, can I speak to who came with this?

    52. sergeant mason

      why tf are people so weird. dont destroy the food just eat it

    53. Aloe Vera


    54. Goob


    55. LemonChan is Random

      Ajwjwjwnswj man I want pumpkin pieeeeee give it

    56. Junkabella

      Rhett truly knows his foods! XD

    57. Linkolas

      fun fact: German has two Words for differentiating same fruit and same but another. "selbe": for one item, "gleiche " :for two items of the same kind

    58. Mr12Relic


    59. Grant Ignotus Brees

      More of this game please

    60. Elliott Harris

      I love this jingle between rounds.

    61. Jordan Cook


    62. Stella


    63. Chris Laabs

      1:02 this is my flavorite

    64. Erin Young

      So um, does Link have eyebrows?? 🙄

    65. Squeebles

      Link even cheated on the first round and still lost :p

    66. Jeremie Graveline

      Is the small guy always cheating like that?

    67. Leah Heath

      When will the tie-dye hoodies come back in stock????

    68. Rcurtiiss

      i love how rett basically cheated every round by giving a feel on 1

    69. Avery Taylor

      Link's 3 guesses are gradually not food

    70. Hollow Shadow

      0:42 link's shirt 😂😂😂

    71. Evan Okeefe

      Like answering kerosene made me laugh harder than I've laughed in years.

    72. Maurício Marques

      Ha! He forgot to say "You know what time it is" there for a second. I knew this day would come!

    73. Madeleine Scholz

      Why are links hands so strong?!

    74. Andrew Bonafilia

      Stevie even said Rhett already knows the answer before they did anything... Im telling you Rhett knows all the answers for everything

    75. Brandon Schockelt

      Makes me wanna grab a camera and some food. Thanks for liking commenting and subscribing

    76. Hyper

      No one : Rhett: that’s a juicy wiener

    77. Cheryl Berg

      ha ha @ it smells like wet cushion,link describing what tofu smells like

    78. tucci06

      What if this? We live in a society.

    79. Mabry Smith

      They’re given a sea urchin...

    80. TheGarlandLogs

      I want that Elvis shirt I wasn’t watching the show when that shirt was on the store

    81. Moriah Moriah

      Oh this is my flavorite- link the stink

    82. shayan yadegari

      When she sees your dong for the first time 13:12

    83. Taylor jay

      My favorite thing about these two is that they still use the blind folds that a fan made for them years ago. Idk something about that just warms my heart so much lol hope y’all have a good day 💜

    84. Waffles for Breakfast YT

      The "as you can see i cant" joke always gets me🤣🤣

    85. Shanine Edwards

      Link could be watering rotten apples and I'd be turned on....

    86. Brian Flowers

      Cactus why didn’t they do cactus Truly dissatisfaction

    87. Dill Pickle

      This showed up in my recommendation and I nearly cried when they said let’s talk about that

    88. Nana Shimura


    89. Random Chimp

      Link not realizing snakes lay eggs

    90. Hannah Kirstine

      I love love love that Links groans every time, and Rhett is just concentrating 😂

    91. Cr1mssy

      Gripping food yet guesses kerosene... What have you been eating, Link?

    92. Bimbo Stog

      Rhett had a tomato seed in his hair the whole time

    93. Joe Smith

      Link was just to afraid and weird in this one lol

    94. Grace Bauer

      Link’s ~*~*call me at the end was BEYOND 🤣

    95. neversaygoodbye

      This was pretty funny and unexpected! I wouldn’t mind seeing it again! 😂

    96. addie lemonade

      Link never wins :( Why

    97. Kip

      These guys are almost bill and ted.

    98. Josh Thompson

      Stop playing with your food.

    99. Kristina Smith

      Does Link always guess that tomato’s are rotten apples? 😂

    100. Kiley Sylvester

      Ok but link was cheating 😂