Which Is The Amazon Best Seller? (Game)

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    Today, we're looking at products and seeing if we can guess the Amazon Best Seller. GMM # 1896
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    1. Good Mythical Morning

      It appears that much of our audience does not refer to callus removers as “jewelry cleaners” like we do. You know, some people say if you spot an incorrect round card on February 2nd it means six more weeks of winter!

      1. Emily Ousley

        I actually came to the comments to see if anyone else noticed haha

      2. PapaZane

        Lol I was excited for jewelry cleaner! I've been shopping for one!!

      3. Sara DePetris

        Mm hmm nice save lol

      4. Landon Atterberry


    2. ladyfiaragc

      I have the underwear on Rhett's side and they're FANTASTIC!

    3. Awakening For The Sleeping 2

      A pothead can spot another Pothead a mile away Rhett 😆😆😆 I Love it!! Makes it so much funnier! 💖💖

    4. LittleRedHaired Girl

      The toe bouncer made them so happy, and made them fight over it. 😊😠

    5. Josh

      Loved this!!!

    6. حياه شاملة

      اتمنى تزورو قناتى حياه شاملة لوصفات سهلة وبسيطة

    7. Hannah Ashley

      Why is Rhett wearing his hair the same way I wear mine?🤣 Just kidding, I like his hair that way.

    8. Yasna Yeganeh

      15:20 😂😂😂😂 It’s so funny when they act like kids

    9. AceShadow

      Omg I just got my sister one of those weighted blankets for Christmas lol😂

    10. Rachel Willey

      I have the panties on Rhett side and they are amazing! love them so much

    11. MTG Viking

      Lol what the story is called of mice an men for a reason haha

    12. Penzeera

      Love how childish and youthful Rhett and Link get with the Callus removers

    13. Kay

      rhett and link won't see this, but if you're someone else curious about the weighted blanket thing, it was primarily invented with the intention to provide deep pressure to people who struggle with anxiety but also to autistics, who frequently seek deep pressure on our bodies when we're overstimulated or having a meltdown. i've been using a weighted blanket for several years and found it improves my sleep and my general demeanor.

    14. Andi Ward

      Weighted blankets are the best thing to happen for my sleep since EVER.

    15. stereotypical

      It seems like Rhett is so done with life recently

    16. I Con

      Now that’s a snazzy jacket Rhett

    17. Cernunnas

      "NO NO NO- you lost!! I'll bounce your toes, but it's mine" what a thing to say

    18. Baylee Jade

      I lost it when they started playing with their toes 😂😂😂

    19. BB Child

      lmao them being amused by the "toe bounce" was amazing

    20. Travis Olson

      The last segment of this video is brought to you by Wikifeet

    21. Baki Hanma

      6:49 HAHHAHZHAHA!

    22. GrandmaAmerica57


    23. RottenJeeves

      Clearly they haven't heard of Fakespot. :)

    24. Hannah Finney

      Wikifeet is typing...

    25. deathlightdb

      ...Watching Rhett play with my underwear is REAL weird.

    26. Thomas Lee


    27. Ashley McKenney

      I'm totally with Rhett...I thought I was just weird because I totally felt trapped under the weighted blanket instead of comforted...lol...it's nice to know I'm not the only one...

    28. TmaTiara20

      Link lowkey really just wanted to hug Rhett ane it's adorbs

    29. Ivy Rose

      Is anyone gonna ask why Rhett’s foot looks like it’s been soaking for an hour? Bro gon get trench foot 😳

    30. Jonston Brown

      Can't ask Bezos anymore.

      1. GrandmaAmerica57

        lol...does he have those fashionable wrist bracelets...hope so.

    31. Fancy Necromancy

      Wedgie challenge with those underwear

    32. Rjc

      Didn't appreciate the feet stuff while eating breakfast lol

    33. Sir Flapjack Studios

      this show is the closest to icarly we will ever get

      1. Raygun Tracy

        I can get behind this movement

      2. Jem Adamson

        Holy poop

      3. Modest-Mouse

        I've never thought of that but you're totally right

      4. Ghosty Cat

        Omg that’s true

      5. Chris Donaldson

        Most underrated comment ever

    34. Diamond Bones

      "That's what this is all about, toe bounce"

    35. Molly G

      Feet located

    36. Claudia

      I want a Link blanket hug 🥺🥺

    37. Holly Shutters Music

      😂 I just watched two grown men have the time of their lives playing with “electric jewelry cleaners”. Then when I thought it couldn’t get any better, I watched as they squabbled about who gets what as the winner, ending with the winner bouncing the jewelry cleaner on the losers big toe. ... and I am here for it!

    38. TuxKick

      Oh yeahhhhh~ Feet episode 🦶🏻

    39. Dixie Rae

      I never buy anything from a third-party seller unless I absolutely have to if Amazon has an option I buy theirs. Their delivery is unbelievably prompt and their customer service is spot-on. They even give you a refund if your 3rd party merchandise doesn't arrive. Always take your chance on Amazon brand.

      1. GrandmaAmerica57

        Keep contributing to the GLOBALISTS...You go girl.

    40. Dustin Ward

      How is no on talking about how they just switched callous removers without cleaning 😂

    41. HyprJay

      "I left toe nail marks on there" Rhett

    42. Bernie Toth

      "IS THAT MAH FOOT DUST?!?!?"

    43. nantwon


    44. Mags G

      lol i’m watching this from under my weighted blanket. it’s beneficial for ppl with ADHD, restless legs, and anxiety. i have adhd and it definitely helps me when i’m jittery and trying to sleep

    45. J C

      Did anyone read link's shirt? Haha genius 😂

    46. Martin Ovesen

      Will it deep fry part 2

    47. Savannah Reeves

      It’s very ironic that rhetts hair now goes down and links goes up. The song has switched lol 😂

    48. Ariel

      How am I getting more right than them and I’m not even seeing the products in person

    49. Amethyst Jean

      "dust" Dude that is your skin you dolt

    50. zip zip

      yea like the multi millionaires are so upset that they cant take home a $25 toe grinder.

    51. Jan Mi

      I’m a Rhett Choice Man...

    52. shannen cj 22

      Toe bouncing montage intensifies

    53. Saad Shahid

      6:52 :D

    54. Bridger O’Brien

      People with foot fetishs 😛

    55. It's Flame

      gross ≠ funny

      1. Lonely Surviver

        What's gross?

    56. Sophie L

      This is so chaotic lawful

    57. Joey Flowers

      I use a weighted blanket because they contain a glass like beads in them and keep me cooler than a thick ass comforter

    58. T.R R

      Rhett and Link, you guys crack me up! 😂😂😂😂

    59. Treestain

      4:30 It is because it was probably the cheapest. maybe not

    60. rmkw4291

      A Rhett and Link video about Amazon products and the CEO resigns. What is Jeff Bezos going to do now, something charitable along the line of Bill Gates?

    61. be hiphop

      They should get juji and tom on the show they look like rhet and link from another universe

    62. Spade

      The foot cleaners with the toes wiggling cracks me up way more than it should've 😂🤣

    63. Aimee Perez

      @meelisworld on tiktok she opens oysters that have pearls

    64. Synystr7

      You can tell which one it is based on if the announcer says "on" or "in". If she says it's on, its the left or right. If she says it's in, it's in the middle

    65. Fighter Lm


    66. Bob Yeet

      Hi I was first if you want to do a lot of scrolling but I was first 🥇 for me

    67. Laura Holveck

      Rhett looks like he’s wearing a fashionable FFA jacket and I approve

    68. Real Mayo!!!

      F E E T

    69. Mr.P- brawl stars

      The link hugging Rhett was the most beautiful thing there... so wholesome...we all need a friend like link

    70. Laura Walsh

      Link is such a daddy... and that makes him such a “daddy” 😉

    71. [Sail Hatin] -Soap

      Link knows a lot about women's underwear

    72. Victor Martinez

      Why does Rhett have a woman’s haircut now

    73. Tato Aim

      They mention mice of men at the perfect time considering that we just started reading it in my class

    74. thelitmirror

      I have the heaviest weighted blanket and it's freaking awesome.

    75. mburk66

      s e r i o u s s a n d i n g

      1. mburk66

        also never seen 2 grown men have so much fun with callus removers.

    76. A Dog

      “Petition” GMMorning should do will it Pozole. Vote. 👇

    77. AlecksArt

      0kay but where is Rhett's jacket from?

    78. Ariana Mccracken

      Screw Jeff Bezoz and Amazon though 🖕🏼👎🏼 and Walmart

    79. Brandon Watts

      Links hugs... funny bit, yet so genuine.

    80. Elizabeth Mayer

      Interesting they're mentioning Jeff bezos as hes stepping down as CEO Ironic no

    81. SAVAGE & I

      I like the backdrop. Bezos Who? Ooooooooooooooh Yeeeeeeeeaaahh!

    82. Luke Naoumovitch

      I love these kinds of videos but I prefer when we can immediately see which one is which beforehand.

    83. Bianca Bischoff

      Link “Is that my foot dust.” 👏

    84. Howard Ingham

      Can't ask bezos maybe you should have waited a few days.

    85. H S

      The testy kevin unusually jog because partner operationally squash athwart a calm uncle. abashed, steam

    86. Victor Perez

      So what so special about weighted blankets 🤔Rhett Link ,I would know 😀

    87. Alienlover 123

      I never thought I’d laugh so hard at two 43 year old men sucking their toes into a foot grinder

    88. yash dulla

      He brought up lennie from of mice and men😂😂

    89. Natalie Soto

      I love how Link is easily amused 😄 😆

    90. Um Yes

      Link “Is that my foot dust!”

    91. Kyle Lindberg

      You guys should let Buck Denver do the intro again.

    92. Simon 1552

      I can’t believe Bezos retired right after this, what did you guys do!

    93. Chris Daigneault

      “You gotta ask Bezos about that” Well... not anymore.

    94. Kenneth Arnett

      Its weird that day Jeff stepped down as CEO.

    95. pastel waves

      whyyyyyyyy?!?! I just bought one last week

    96. Katchme Ifyoucan

      The toe bouncing makes them so happy!

    97. Meg Wallace

      It’s so funny to me how we just started reading Of Mice and Men and I can’t stop accidentally finding spoilers 😭

    98. Kay Manley

      What do they do with the rest of these products?

    99. Kati Yau

      why am i rhett when it comes to weighted blankets

    100. Tod L

      🤮 foot dust.