Reacting To Extreme Hair Plucking

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    Today, we're figuring out where it hurts most to pluck our hair. GMM #1881
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    Published on Month ago


    1. Ebenezer Sam

      The spotted pants regionally worry because country occasionally decay circa a piquant cricket. sweltering, first brochure

    2. Andrew Sunde

      This is the most sanitary thing to film during a world pandemic!

    3. LucasDenali

      We need a Stevie cam

    4. Katie Schuman

      Time for this episode, waxing version

    5. Hey You

      Damn, plucking nose hairs is a 10 for me, it makes my eyes instantly water

    6. Michael Durfee


    7. Pamela Fulks

      Link is one hairy beast

    8. Albert De Guzman

      Go for the ear hair

    9. Miku

      *Oh god SCP-221 IS real-*

    10. XxFlowybro

      Why am I eating while watching this

    11. Gregory Anderson

      If you're outside you don't need a mask

    12. James Ryder

      Great video, laughing all the way through 😂😋

    13. Luke Bossio

      Oh honey no That was a mailbox Not a donation bin

    14. halromalro W

      Links armpits! Wowwza!!

    15. Alasdair Cook


    16. Anne Bertrand

      I have trichotillomania and the answer is toe hair. I can’t even pull that

    17. Kaleigh Blanchard

      Still to this day I think upper lip hair or toe hair hurts the most 🥵

    18. chelsea b

      I pause the video so much just to look at rhetts hair

    19. Cello Fellow

      Sometimes I wonder how I got here. Watching two grown men pluck their pube-a-loobie-loobies

    20. Marty Melvin

      Just to clarify, That was an English post box NOT a public hair donation point.

    21. Annabelle Mardell

      The skillful employer aboaly trade because snake visually irritate from a sophisticated self. threatening, racial tyvek

    22. Felicia Englund

      those are two fiiine looking studs 😍

    23. Cold Devil Films

      is link the dude from waynes world.

    24. N VG

      I ll happily face tons of commercials for this

    25. Jean Skipper

      So we're just not gonna talk about how link offered to talk about Stevie's hairy buttcrack?

    26. Babe Ruthless

      This is still not as bad as the Nutter Udder

    27. Amber Johnson

      14:50 they look traumatised 😂

    28. Katie Grooms

      Guys, this is nothing. I pluck like 6 eyebrow hairs at once. No no no, you need to do WAX

    29. Katie Grooms

      lol I can’t even feel it when I pluck hair on my head

    30. こざら

      Wheres eyelashes? :x

    31. wheelzz wheelzz

      Stevie gets a kick outta watching these ones lol

    32. RoseMarie M

      For head hairs, the nape of the neck is most sensitive. For eyebrow they should've picked one closest to the eye, it hurts more.

    33. SouthernMama

      Man they made them pluck theyre junk, brutal

    34. Kitsune Elie

      Rhett looking like Thor and I'm 100% here for it 😩

    35. gavin desormeaux

      I felt pain without even doing it

    36. Ian Moone

      I promise you eyelashes are the most painful hair to pluck.

    37. sergeant mason

      11:32 GOTTEM

    38. Pocky Sockies

      No ones gonna y’all about how weird their knees are? Especially Rhetts omg they protrude our so much

    39. Alyssa Brown


    40. Dayzee1081

      Omg this is the BEST thing on USfilm!

    41. Tess Olsson

      How has this not been demonetized 😂

    42. SAMurai2K

      What did I just watch.

    43. BigMan7o0

      I think what you MEANT to say is *P U E B E S*

    44. WeirdAj

      aorh link i missed you and you beautiful personality like oof 🥺

    45. Paige Meier

      give them an epilator :)

    46. Emma Cann

      Boob-a-loob-a-loobies is my favourite GMM-ism

    47. Brandon Schockelt

      This is the question I always ask myself if you guys are amazing thank you. Thanks for liking commenting and subscribing

    48. Oanh Tran

      I've always wondering what they did with the hairs on the curtain, and who had to do it. 😐🤔

    49. Danielle Thomas

      As a woman I'm glad to know this information

    50. Jericho Kane

      How bony is rhetts knee!

    51. Matt Frye

      Wow if any of my friends admitted to shaving his legs I couldn’t just let it go that quickly 😂

    52. Shahad ND

      Didn’t need to know

    53. Emily2618

      This is the content I've been waiting for.

    54. Kendra Summers

      Ok guys lol 😆 only fans time

    55. paft

      The was a Royal Mail post box, Rhet.

    56. Melz Gaming

      I haven’t laughed this hard in ages

    57. Mirksmurf

      For science!!

    58. tya rose

      Eyelashes? #1

    59. axeyguitar888

      You know what.... This is one of those times where I’m actually really grateful that I’m currently living on my own watching this episode

    60. faye

      Why am I watching this

    61. JustinTheking 235

      One of the funniest video so far tho😂!!

    62. Liz Halleran-Tello


    63. Dean Mauriello

      Sure that is why your wearing shorts. You talked about in Ear Biscuits how much more you like shorts. Just saying,

    64. Dean Mauriello

      I feel like their hair is just really loose

    65. Kelly

      I know y'all will never see this but I am in I will watch these kinds of videos every single day I am so sick of taste testing it's getting to the point now where I don't TuneIn anymore and I have been a mythical Beast for years

    66. Mary Meranda

      Umm...really pushing the boundaries in 2021 I see lol

    67. Miss B

      Props to the camera person for not zooming in on the testical hairs.

    68. RC Gamex

      I loved the little editor’s note 😂

    69. Sara

      Am I the only one who noticed that Rhett's body is more fit that the other episodes?

    70. Lord Nyte

      I really hope didn’t have to retake any scenes

    71. zuz o


    72. S H

      Just wax it

    73. zuz o


    74. alaina g

      what am i watching...

    75. Sharvay Nagaonkar

      Torturer's be like : I've found a video for my new technique

    76. Keiona Lacy

      Stevie sounded so defeated when she said testicles 😂

    77. JMJ JR11

      It’s Stevie’s turn.

    78. BraanFlakes08

      Fame has truest gotten to links head now. Cant even watch the show anymore because of how fake he’s gotten

    79. sarajade86

      Science. Hair happens

    80. TheFour Mechanix

      I really thought they were going to do “no mans land” as the bonus round for a second at the end, wonder if that would have won

    81. Abby Liu

      not me watching this video while plucking my body hairs 😴

    82. T_F_Weston

      ..ooob - ahh - looba- loobies is the best thing that ever happened to a pair of 40 year old men on the internet 😂

    83. Leo song

      ret looks toasted

    84. Angel Chauca

      lmaO people w trich knowing what all of it feels like

    85. miqey t

      So this episode has given me answers to 2 things I figured but needed a little more clarification: It has solidified that Rhett loves his old man dad bod and these dudes dont man-scape w little heart designs

      1. Melody Lisa

        Not in the winter at least anyway lol

    86. miqey t

      Me: please please mr crazy-muscular- scarey-intimidating-mob-boss-inforcer-goon!? Please pull the hair from my arm only SCAREY-MOB-BOSS-GOON: OK whatever makes u feel comfortable. ::proceeds to yank from under arms and another place I never knew grew hair at same time...

    87. Mitchell Thompson

      They forgot the perineum

    88. JasonBason

      SCP fans watching them pick up golden tweezers: 👁👄👁

    89. Currently Pooping

      Is it weird that I somewhat wanted someone to walk in while I was watching this? I would have loved to see the look on an unexpected face seeing this.

    90. Annie Yu

      So this is what is on the internet... Not surprised lol.

    91. Eric Berger

      I want a soundboard with Stevie saying "It's nip time!"

    92. Jack Wallis

      The fact leg is only one more than nostril is INSANE

    93. Calli

      I love how comfortable they are and then Link is just like I’m making eye contact 😂

    94. Michael Korner

      Rhett starting strong with the joke to top all year “that’s not a pube”

    95. Science or Something

      wtf am I watching

    96. Alan Calvillo


    97. Lady Kennie Frog

      "Family show" 🤣

    98. Charles Hancher

      Should have kept the 2 bags of hair for the next food episode! X-D

    99. Max Tee

      What has GMM turned into? I still love the content though.

    100. Tayeba Quddus

      why did this video cause me have a crush on them now?

      1. Averielle Walker

        Ive been having a crush on them, especially Link