Alternate Universe Snacks Taste Test

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    Nutter Butter or Nutter Udder? Today, we're taking a dip back into an alternate dimension to satisfy our multiverse munchies! GMM # 1895
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    Published on Month ago


    1. Chelsea sucks

      Mm I want doritos 😞

    2. J C

      The things my mind run through seeing that nutter udder

    3. Avaria taylor

      Sooo like how can I get to the dimension with this lol I want some nudder udder

    4. Nesha Nee

      Wow this was so weird to watch the udder part lol .

    5. Ethan Lilley

      Coming from a British person thete not pigs in blankets there like sausage rolls a pig in blanket is sausage wrapped in bacon

    6. Vaggsy

      Someone please make a cartoon series on them going to dimension 😂

    7. Alanah Llama

      That udder remains me of two things my boyfriend sucking my udder and me sucking his udder 😂😂

    8. iSheepy LOL

      4:06 WTF AM I LOOKING AT?!?!

    9. Kobe Angeles D’amelio

      The fact that the Doe-ritos worked makes me wonder what lunatic would even think to make them


      or a MacDonald's with mac and cheese in the buns


      find a burger bell instead of a taco bell

    12. Andrea Raynes

      8:51 did he just say the n word!?!

    13. Gabe Dunn

      I wonder what was going through their heads when they tasted the nutter udder

    14. Lopez Su

      It’s like they want to get photoshopped

    15. roadkill rabbit

      What they forgot to mention was the hunting season-ing added to the Doe-ritos

    16. Anna Taylor

      10:19 Your Linketta is showing 😂

    17. Aakash Gupta

      4:27, when he starts grabbing it and moans is where it gets NaHsTYY

    18. Garlic Glock

      Ok have a feeling that you guys have SCP 261

    19. PhalenAtLife

      7:24. BELL OF MYTHICALITY!!!!

    20. PhalenAtLife

      4:38 in. Aaaaannnndddd.......Demonitized!

    21. Sara Mulry

      This whole video is just so phallic and I'm here for it.

    22. ON TOP


    23. robina david

      It should be called Deeretos

    24. Lethal Vybes

      I want to try the nutter udder so bad

      1. Isiah Banks

        You have to go to the dimension it was made from

    25. Sierra Bussey

      How did they find this stuff 🤣

    26. Linken Rich

      When link said this it reminded me of runforthecube 1:58

    27. irThumper

      Wuuuuut did I just see!?!?!?!

    28. Andrew Vasquez

      Where can I get a nudder udder

    29. Gavin Davis

      Girl: im not good at this also her: 4:07

    30. Nila

      I thought he was gonna say cow in a towel after ringing the bell not snuggie 😂

    31. Jayomi Douglas

      i know how to make nutter butter

    32. lauralanthalasa7

      After the utter I coudn't focus on anything they said 👀

    33. Olivia Folbrick

      Link I’m with you I rather have the croissant then the weenier.

    34. my life as Samantha

      I have reminder that this is not R rated but some of the things they do and say make me think otherwise

    35. PARS DURAN

      İ wan no

    36. Hi Five

      4:06 is not m this is CMR that means crazy mutter rated

    37. Shotgun 483

      I feel very disturbed by the butter udder lol 😂 😳

    38. Brenden Weaver

      *Everybody will remember that*

    39. Lucas Fuller

      I now its fake its fake but it's still cool

    40. Music Now

      5:01 just looks like your in another dimension

    41. Ja-way Malchan

      5:07 i thought they were making ou🤣🤣🤣🤣

    42. ??????

      I am watching two grown men drink milk from a udder

    43. Expendable Echo

      The udder is made of condoms oh god

    44. Simon Egli

      Should've had cotton candy randy on as the butter nutter

    45. Space Wizard Pip

      I wasn’t ready for the Nutter Utter bit lmao.

    46. SergeantAndy 913

      Now I’m really urging to try the nutter udder.

    47. amywashere

      I love how everyone is commenting on the udder part because same

    48. Harleyrj Duh

      link you are a married man you are enjoying that utter a bit too much

    49. Harleyrj Duh

      deer misogyny

    50. LD Developers

      Fruit punch no vegetable punch

    51. Bishop Hoffman

      Those little cheeses are gross and taste like plastic.

    52. Hite VR

      The intro is ontomone

    53. Marissa Thompson

      I’m so confused

    54. Rampxge V

      How do I clear my history

    55. Austin Grove

      We have caprisuns I wonder if the other universe have them but they call them caprimoons

    56. Galen Baker

      the nutter udder section was hard to watch

    57. Cody J Gaming

      Then drinking a nutter udder is for ever in my hesd

    58. Anonymous

      In one universe:dq blizzard,netsé Butterfingers,wonka nerds,Bigmac,froot loops In an other universe:dq heatwave, Nestlé jamfingers, wonka jocks, Smallmac, vooggie loops

    59. MRYUR

      Are dez real snacks or do josh and them make them den brand them I been confused for yrs

      1. 2bad 4u

        They make them

    60. Frog Master

      Watching them with the nutter udder was funny

    61. Will Jones

      In one AU nocho cheese doe-retos in another AU nocho bees doretos

      1. 2bad 4u

        @et storm thank you

      2. et storm

        Translation: In one alternate universe it’s nacho cheese doe-ritos, in another it’s nacho bees doritos

    62. Rose Field

      Wow, the stereotypes in that "mommybel" - you okayed that!? Quite the offension

    63. Lindsay Dolney

      I’m sorry my mind is in the gutter but that nutter butter packaging is all kinda of wrobf

    64. elliott deiters

      u guys are awesome man and u guys are really funny :)

    65. Isaiah Jones

      nutter udder comments got me rollin😭😭

    66. Eri Midoriya

      Fun fact: they made the snacks themselves except for butter utters

    67. Natalie Le


    68. Josselyn Meneses

      I love gmm but this was not a good episode. The Dairy industry is evil and this is kind of disturbing.

    69. Nate Stultz

      No Stevie😡

    70. Cereal 123

      I’ve had all of these except nutter udder

    71. Jessica Renee

      What exactly am I watching.

    72. Nathaniel Thomas

      dosent look like no udder

    73. Sri Lankan Flyer

      Sorry kids

    74. Magical Metamon

      Oh so they made bambis mom into a chip nice

    75. Des Jo


      1. 2bad 4u

        n o

    76. Javier Cisnero

      7:47 nice choice of words lol

    77. Vera Barnett

      That utter butter suuuuusssss

    78. Air Jordon


    79. Jackson Grasty

      Why was this so sus

    80. Jess

      What if they're actually not lying about visiting another universe? 😮😮

    81. Cendrid Gonzales

      Idk how i found this channel or whats going on... But.... I love it😂

    82. KKay's Life

      7 yo me: OMG THEY SAW ALIENS!!! Me now: Haha aliens right..

    83. AMDGOD5112


    84. Abram

      In an alternate universe there is alternate versions of Rhett and Link eating normal food for us but alternate versions for them

      1. Funtase tuckfard

        That's literally just the same universe as the one we are already in....🤦

    85. simon palmer

      Lol those aren't pigs in blankets 🤣 sausages wrapped in bacon is how you do pigs in blankets


      Felt like I shouldn't be watching the utter part and just let them enjoy lol

    87. LunarFuckingCT

      That is not a pig in blanket 🤯🤯 pigs in blankets is sausage wrapped in bacon

    88. adminprime

      Uh. The Nutter Udder spot was teatering on disturbing.....

    89. Metal Covers99

      “I’m into more wiener”-Rhett 2021

    90. Ashley Reed

      everyone remember this episode for the end of the year rankings XD

    91. Megan Harper

      That udder scene tho 🥸

    92. TheGuyWhoIsSitting

      I'd love to see one of these on April Fools Day where you guys do an episode of an alternate universe Rhett and Link trying our universe's snacks.

    93. Alonzo Sloniger

      7:48 4:58

    94. HydroFrost PokeStar

      sometimes you guys act really weird

    95. DiamondX Blood

      5:02 this is the first time ive seen this channel and i dont know if i wanna continue

    96. Sandstealers47

      Yeah cause I believe you go into a literally impossible to achieve quantum superposition portal. Still good video though.

    97. Ellie Spite

      Spanx/other shapewear are SUPER comfortable for some people, super UNcomfy for others. I like it because feeling snug helps with my anxiety.

    98. • Bumble Bee •

      This was a main part of the best part of my life. Tysm for making my life so much better it brings back the best vibes.

    99. • Bumble Bee •

      This is one of my favorite series

    100. Kayla Meeks

      And yet they wonder how the fanfics come to be...