Can We Beat Our Fans' Weird Talents? (Challenge)

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    Today, we're seeing if we can perform Mythical Beasts' weird talents better than them. GMM # 1907
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    Published on 15 days ago


    1. Nathalie van Olst

      Please Pleaseee ! Do more of this stuff! Lmao!!!!

    2. Jentonius

      More of this! Amazing!

    3. Elizabeth Stemberger

      The way Rhett hipes Link 😵

    4. KP Tube

      EHT!! I lived there for a bit! Jersey!!

    5. Tiffany Yeadon

      I wonder how far away the camera is so that they can frame Rhett's whole body? 🤔

    6. dragon master

      Heyyyy that person at the end is my friend! She’s a teacher

    7. daveanand harack

      Shoutout to the two Canadians 🇨🇦

    8. Chloe Forbes-Desilets

      More videos like this please

    9. dee aaytee

      13:30 "Thats easy, we can do this, anybody can do this" i luv link hes so funny, "how do you feel about you doing it" lol.

    10. Dania Kh

      This episode deserves way many more views it’s hilarious 😂

    11. Whats-My-Fandom

      That chainmail suits Rhett very well! 7:06 Ooooohhh!! 8:53 Rhett's face XD 9:13 He wins in my book LMFAO 10:09 She must be a big hit with dogs lol

    12. Rafi Jk

      I keep coming back to this to see Link making kissing noises

    13. Butterfly Girl

      You guys are still awesome!!

    14. Eugene Aguilar

      Nobody gonna talk about how Link turned the mouse into an actual mouse? 😂😂

    15. Justin Babb

      When you realize Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and the ABC song are the same tune

    16. KRUSADER

      5:46 just close your eyes

    17. Lizzie Medlin

      11:05 😅

    18. Emily McCain

      This was one of the best episodes in a while. So funny

    19. Titus Davis

      8:11 "Good Luck"

    20. ana banana

      is this a fever dream

    21. lush flush

      Very fun episode loved it.

    22. ꧁Sღbrina ꧂

      Let’s do more. I’ll submit mine

    23. jeditff

      gmm is slowly becoming icarly

    24. Sant Amanda

      I am legitimately impressed with Nor's talent! It's so cute and actually pretty hard to do. NOR, PLEASE TEACH US YOUR WAYS

    25. Courtney Carter

      I LOST IT when Rhett started jumping around dancing when Link started beat boxing. 😂😭

      1. Chris N Design

        It's me the yoyo dude from the video! I specifically chose yoyoing and beatboxing in hopes they chose it and perform it. I KNEW it would be hilarious for them to try it! 😂😂. I'm happy that it got you to laugh!

    26. Baylee Hatch

      Link when he realized Rhett was saying letters 😂

    27. Victoria Langø

      Close your eyes from 11:03 - 11:08

    28. the person

      4:29 imagine this is your first time watching GMM😅

    29. Lina Sketch

      You know what Rhett and Link?? you're still a couple of awesome possums! And yes, that comes naturally to me

    30. Kidcheeto D

      This is like the first episode of icarly.

    31. Aaron Bulgrin

      Anyone know what shoes Link was wearing in this one???

    32. Chloe Violet

      As a girl who can juggle myself, I was really hoping juggling would be in this video. :)

    33. Budlightning

      You can tell that Rhett had his feet on the ground. Nice try guy. Still funny though

    34. Shontaitube

      that is NOT pi lol

    35. Coral Reef

      yoyo master pewds would like to know link’s location

    36. Lauren Olszewski

      Taste test all the little Debbie cakes

    37. aslanenlisted

      That was brilliant. I'm crying from laughing.

    38. Coral Hardin


    39. GreyPerspectiveBeats

      someone getting a icarly vibe?

    40. M3llYV3RS3

      😂 😂 Funniest episode in my opinion

    41. BruhAnt

      I can do a backflip

    42. patrick hall

      Estrada or Nada!

    43. Abigail Burke


    44. Mel Pepe

      WOW WOw Wow wow

    45. Mel Pepe


    46. Mel Pepe


    47. Mel Pepe


    48. Mel Pepe

      I won?

    49. Mel Pepe


    50. Matthew Coy

      My weird talent is that I can turn my right leg completely backwards.

    51. pjs5406

      how is that first one even considered a talent?

    52. SEA Trip Reports

      10:54 close your eyes and just listen

    53. Michael Semple

      As a new jersian (close to where kazoo boy) I feel upset about our states representative

    54. Laveena Rattii

      Rhett hyping up link to was so wholesome like that’s best friend goals 😭

    55. Joaquin Bautista

      Hey Rhett and Link can you do offstring yoyo

    56. ahgamyday17

      the squeaky toy bit.... that was so hard to look at without laughing so much

    57. Rowan Abbott

      I love our fandom

    58. Umaimah Saleemi

      Well aren't you guys just a bunch of doody booties

    59. Travis Olson

      I have to remind myself everytime I think Link looks short, that he is 6'1, Rhett is just a titan 🤣

    60. A.J. Sykes

      Ayeee Egg harbor township NJ . Yeah we’re all nutz here.

    61. LordSeth1000

      i like the part where rhett says they like the clapping, we all love some applause

    62. CULT of TRAGEDY


    63. PlayerCod

      Rhett and Link are a couple of awesome possums

    64. LittleRedHaired Girl

      Java has a beautiful smile.

    65. Chloe Randolph

      I love how Rhett is so supportive. Lol 😆

    66. Em Bee

      You may have lost, but Rhett and Link are still awesome possums.

    67. James Williams

      I'm pretty sure Rob Scallon is a fan, he made a "let's talk about that" video along time ago. So... Try to beat his talent

    68. L2NotFail

      Erik Estrada could have done them all, just sayin.

    69. QS R8

      2:09 - what did Rhett say?

      1. Lil Apple

        "Thats confident"

    70. Lilly Chang

      I need another episode

    71. Pickle Syrup

      "nope dont use the vocal chords."

    72. Lilly Chang

      🤣 I love this

    73. Sdub Gdub

      I like Rhetts shoes

      1. Sdub Gdub

        Also i can juggle too

    74. Justin Lawrence

      Cool dudes

    75. Skully the salty One

      The first guy was seriously just trying to make a fool of the beasts

    76. Emily Broschard

      Hey I’m from egg harbor township New Jersey

    77. Racheal J

      If my best friend don't hype me the way Rhett hypes Link during the yo-yo, I'mma need to get a new best friend lol

    78. Kat A

      DONT just listen to this or else you may assume something is happening which should not be

    79. Tronderose

      If I had known about this, I would've chosen something from my "weird body tricks" video :'D

    80. Hitman Unicorn

      “Rhett and Link are a couple of awesome possums”

    81. MomokoMaggie

      Noir was absolutely adorable 💖

    82. Ziad Gaser

      chris got dem moves tho I wanna be friends with him

    83. Raya Boicey

      Woooooo!!! Ottawa, Canada 🇨🇦 😁

    84. dahuckinator

      11:04 😂😂😂😂😂

    85. Zaid Hernandez

      Hey whaddya know, I'm able to turn anything into a squeaky toy as well!....who knew my elementary school skills would come in handy

    86. Cole Stuart

      9:24 I thought they got vasectomies

    87. Neon Sword


    88. LadyZeldaia

      Retth cheated, you can clearly see his feet on the ground

    89. Livia Franco

      This episode is genius I laugh so much

    90. Kinjiru731

      You guys need to do more of these, this was hilarious.

    91. ItalEngRo

      The fact that he admitted was cheating on last round gets a like from me :)

    92. Haydn Schlinger

      Doesn’t he look like Danial Radcliffe?

    93. Bonnie Mitchell

      Well I am glad you guys played fair I was like no he cheated love you guys

    94. Tahlia Root

      “shut up! i’m squeakin over here!”

    95. Jalen Greene

      Seeing there legs is weird 😂

    96. Rami Alshoubaki

      Yeah ... we have skills in Canada 🍁

    97. mr sir

      Rhett and link are a couple of awesome opossums or something

    98. Shooter 3000

      When Rhett started saying letters 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    99. eli

      I go that school!!!!

    100. Richard Dains

      yall are awsome we all love you