Mountain Dew Needs To Stop

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    Today, Rhett is rhanting about the craziness that's been going on with Mountain Dew. GMM # 1909
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    Published on 13 days ago


    1. Denise Zimmerman

      Somehow, I have no idea how, but I don't think I've ever seen one of these before and it is great to finally know about it

    2. Miss. Tosser

      Fffffuuuuu🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕imma do the dew whenever I wannaaa~🤣🤣🤣

    3. Tess

      I absolutely love these videos please keep them coming

    4. VsM_Fatality Gaming

      I want all of this lol

    5. Samuel Jacque

      mtn dew scented deoderant? great idea

    6. Julio Morales

      didnt once bring up puppymonkeybaby :( my fav mountain dew song lol

    7. Aliana Arenas Year 8

      When Rhett was deodoranting Link’s armpits I swear it might seem weird but I kinda want me and my bff to have this type of relationship that we’re comfortable to do this 😭😂

    8. Joseph Knox

      I just realized faygo has more flavors than mountain dew..

    9. Boruto Uchiha

      after 69 years GMM will be like: 'GMM needs to stop!'

    10. Madison Iacone

      don't let rhett watch the josie and the pussycats movie

    11. jacob Carlson

      The only time the editors have fun...

    12. Dennis Rogers

      Do I need Good Mythical Morning in my life? Not with them bashing my favorite drink...

    13. elias black

      Mountain Dew deodorant that’s so funny. 😂. *looks at Mountain Dew collection*. Hahaha I don’t need that. *starts to dread the fact that I have no dew shine and Mountain Dew deodorant.*

    14. Maddoxx Alucard

      Rhett's mad. 😂

    15. Montana McCabe

      That's cool and all, but I'm not gonna stop drinking the dew.

    16. Abram

      I'm no joke drinking Mountain Dew right now

    17. Kloie Hall

      Something about this episode makes me want a Mountain Dew

    18. Skybiliber Jewel


    19. TBNRvulture

      Plot twist: rhett drinks mountain dew after this gmmore episode

    20. C Hong Williwonla

      No one likes this

    21. Nicola H.

      I swear I watch this episode at least once day.

    22. JhongYT

      Link: "This is a rant episode. They don't get nearly as many views." 1.1 million views *happy gmm noises* :)

    23. Matt Hardy


    24. Fubie

      Rhett forcefully deodorizing Link awoke something in me.

    25. JoshuaNation Productions

      Rhant And Rave! 🤟🏽

    26. Whats-My-Fandom

      I tried the MD watermelon the other day and it reminds me of a jolly rancher

    27. bigfoot

      "Do not drink mountain dew " This is heresy in the highest order

    28. Peachy

      I can’t tell if this would be a law suit waiting to happen or just really good brand exposure for Mountain Dew lol

    29. Danny Danny

      11:15 Link gets Violated by Rhett :-O

    30. Nukesy The gamer

      *cries in mountains dew *

    31. Kenneth Newport

      I like mountain dew

    32. Douglas Fauer

      Why did link keep eating the mtn dew doritos

    33. Mr12Relic

      11:14 Legit thought that was the HR alarm

    34. FallingOut OfBed

      Rhett, my mental health is declining anyway so I'm still gonna drink it

    35. Shira Rossiter

      Is this backwards PR? I’m confused

    36. M C


    37. s10n20s

      Rhett is my spirit animal and Link is a really good friend.

    38. Kaleb

      but baja blast is so good 🥺

    39. Thy Canadian

      Rhett: DONT drink Mountain Dew Link: sipping a Mountain Dew

    40. Elizabeth West

      I was drinking a mtw dew when I watched this video..... the pineapple kind

    41. Sybarite Sphynx

      More Rhett’s rants please!!! 🤣

    42. Brian Abroad

      Is Mountain Dew really the issue or are you just "projecting"? See what I did there?

    43. TingoMango

      This was a really good episode

    44. BenzoEnzoMk2

      LOL Mountain Dew was even in COD: Cold War & Tony Hawk's Remaster 🤣

    45. Meagan Ramos

      **Mountain Dew taking notes on what new products to make**

    46. Jarod Knudtson

      I love Mt dew

    47. Bennyfields

      Anyone else feel like this is them in the not so distant future?...we already don't need them to make lip balm, pomade, beard oil, shoes, cloaks, etc.

    48. SirLuxrail

      This episode was great, but now i want the forbidden drink

    49. Luis Alvarez

      i LOVE rhett's rants xD and the letters on video were hilarious xD love u guys, keep up the good work, very nice video

    50. redneckrussian 25

      Mtn Dew is still king.

    51. 105 The Drive

      I'm going to bed now....... Link, The Screen Please!!!!!

    52. Gabby Gellerman

      Gotta love rhetts rants

    53. Rosekiller400

      I laughed so hard during this, loved it, an unexpected gem

    54. Louis Garguilo

      BINGO LINT!!!

    55. Rex Dolor

      brb getting my ears pierced for the mountain dew earrings

    56. Aly C

      brb about to go buy mountain dew earrings

    57. Themagicalmiss

      This is definitely gonna make a lot of people in the south mad 😂

    58. relser

      Francis would NOT approve of this rant!

    59. Crystal Tincher

      I only like the drink so stop complaining about the drink IDK about the other ones

    60. Dan Huynh

      Cleetus McPharlan disapproves

    61. Evan Snider

      idk Rhett, the new Mtn Dew Major Melon is pretty darn good.

    62. Xaniss

      I've never had Mtn dew. Not really a thing in the UK.

      1. [: shivanshi :]

        Me neither

    63. Leah Wock

      After watching this episode i was scrolling facebook realized ive now mysteriously "liked" mountain dews facebook page

    64. Kayleigh Winterton

      I kinda want link to be abducted by aliens...

    65. xɤ.fσχтαтσ.ɤx

      *watching this while eating pizza and drinking a mt. Dew* 🥺

    66. I G

      But I love Mountain Dew :( lol

    67. The life of Hannah Fiore

      I drink Mountain Dew like every day

    68. Mbare_Calò

      The on-screen text is hilarious, please do more episodes like this.

    69. Yasin Aslam

      i was just dew drinking dew and clicked on this video

    70. Kathryn

      I love that link keeps eating the tainted doritos

    71. Victoria Fielder

      And love that they are supporting etsy sellers!

    72. Tasty Dactyl

      Mountain DEWodorant

    73. Tasty Dactyl

      Mountain DEWritos

    74. Sam Gallagher

      Coca Cola has been doing that for years..

    75. Fun Damn Mental

      I can’t be the only one who was getting Mountain Dew commercials during this GMM episode about how they shamelessly advertise on everything 😂🙃

    76. Michael G

      Id love to see cleetus mcfarlands view on this

    77. T.S.Orr

      119 flavors. Yes I did pause multiple times to count.

    78. Taylor Hansen

      I didn't like mountain dew

    79. Emma Hicks

      But I just grabbed my mtn dew and sat down to watch this episode.

    80. Karnes

      Link was on top of that screen work. It's nice he's being so supportive of Rhett's Rhants

    81. jedajuz

      12:52 wholesome indian guy

    82. Ausy austin gaming

      Nah do the dew

    83. koreyD

      Mountain dew margaritas are only meant to be made with Baja blast... Skeptical..? Just give it a try

    84. Orene

      I like diet mtn dew and you can’t stop me

    85. Jasmine Candelaria

      Please do weird hello kitty products, hello kitty has gone far and beyond and pretty much has made anything possible. That would be great to watch !!!

    86. Brian Hanson

      Yes! I've missed Rhett's rants!

    87. Augustus Morris

      Hah. “Yank”

    88. Augustus Morris

      Those crocs were dope

    89. Thomas Legg

      Why does Rhett look like a pro football player?!?!?!?

    90. Mr. Ferny

      Mountain Dew about to offer GMM a sponsorship deal and signature crossover product watching this like 👁👄👁

    91. MikeTheSynth

      I didn’t know Rhett did these rants, but I love it!

    92. Nathan Goodson

      I feel like link wanted to say yes to some of the products, but Rhett wouldn’t let him.

    93. TheFraternization

      He said the croissant emoji 😂😂😂

    94. Nathaen Wood

      Just signed up for the DEWsletter thanks for the tip

    95. jodeaida

      We need more rants please

    96. KzCreationz & More

      Rhett’s rants are honestly some of my favorite episodes 😂

    97. Jasmine Hunter

      I enjoyed this lol

    98. jonrgillis

      Where do I find the rest of the Rhett Rants? Could I get a link?

    99. Michael Charonnat

      Usually like GMM but this episode just isn't funny. We get it Rhett you feel strongly about mountain dew lol

    100. Fatimah

      They should do KFC, they literally made a movie and a console!